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Terminals/Solder Sleeves


Inter Connect
Terminals/Solder Sleeves

We carry various terminals, terminal blocks and Solder Sleeves that matches following mil-specs:

M83519/*, MS25036-*

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Below some of the samples from our inventory.

Image Category Mil-Spec. Description
FRL0334.JPG (13365 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/1-5  
FRL0364.JPG (20178 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/1-1  
FRL0359.JPG (13262 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/1-3  
FRL0362.JPG (11334 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/1-4  
FRL0457.JPG (22166 bytes) Solder Sleeve M81824/1-3  
FRL0506.JPG (11571 bytes) Solder Sleeve 12273456-3  
FRL0673.JPG (41270 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/2-4  
FRL0372.JPG (47680 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/2-7  
FRL0669.JPG (17439 bytes) Solder Sleeve M83519/2-9  
FRL0527.JPG (10699 bytes) Solder Sleeve M7928/5-3  
FRL0251.JPG (12509 bytes) Solder Sleeve MS21981-128  
TMB0037.JPG (42686 bytes) Terminal Block 88-21181-14  
TML0002.JPG (22024 bytes) Terminal MS25036-106 

MIL-T-7928 Rev G 

TML0003.JPG (32626 bytes) Terminal MS25036-101  
TML0126.JPG (16765 bytes) Terminal MS25036-158  
TML6033.JPG (29025 bytes) Terminal 88-20275-1 RA2573M  
TML6116.JPG (26912 bytes) Terminal AA-822-56  
TML6452.JPG (61867 bytes) Terminal 13226E0107-25  
TML6461.JPG (17447 bytes) Terminal 13226E0107-11  

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